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Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program - 10 years + lifetime visa can be renewed in Malaysia 
MM2H Malaysia

 Why Malaysia?

Government Support / statute / high standard of living / cost of living / pleasant climate / cheap industrial /No natural disasters / good infrastructure / political stability / quality of education and health facilities / Leisure and Entertainment / rich human culture /Multiracial friendly English-speaking peoples / many types of food and fruit / upscale shopping and other airlines to Asia and more.

The main benefit of the MM2H

6 weeks visa approval with the conditions and within six months of the MM2H visa attached to your passport 
# 10-year visa - Social Visit Pass and unlimited entry visa - can be renewed for life (depending on your passport is valid)

#Buyers - RM 500,000 yuan or more, 100% registered for homeowner’s 
# Loans –Up to 80% (50% of ordinary foreigners) pay 5% of the capital gains tax sale five years, do not charge capitalgains tax after 5 years.

# Car - buy a car or import MM2H application locally owned a car before - import duty / tax Shipping (savings from 30% - 40)

# Domestic workers - employ or introduce a maid 45 years of age - by the Immigration Department guidelines constraint

# Children - unmarried and children 21 years of age under this program for families

# Overseas income - tax-free remitted to Malaysia

# Parents - 60 years of age who receive long tourist visa

# Business - to invest in Malaysia and have their own business (50 years and older professionals who can work part-time20 days a month)

The main eligibility criteria / financial needs / MM2H home conditions (exchange rate: 1 US dollar = 3.00 ringgit) to apply for MM2H home conditions (exchange rate: 1 US dollar = 3.00 ringgit) All applications for MM2H visa applicants must show a financial plan with liquid assets report - any bank worldwide savings, current account, deposit, investment and so on. RM = Malaysian Ringgit

A) 50 years of age - RM 500, more than 000 ringgit financial statements

B) 50 years of age - RM 350, more than 000 ringgit financial statements

C) 50 years of age or government pension plans - RM 350, more than 000 ringgit financial statements

 Produce a monthly income of more than RM 10,000 ringgit monthly salary, things fees, rental income, banking, stockdividends, pensions and so on. Government retirees monthly pension above RM 10,000 ringgit

Demand for simple financial criteria

MM2H approval within six months after you have come to Malaysia - Malaysia at any local bank deposit accounts.

A) 50 years of age - opening deposit RM 300, 000 ringgit account

B) 50 years of age - to open deposit RM 150, 000 ringgit account

C) 50 years of age or government retirees - no need to open deposit accounts

 Global financial statements show any bank or financial institution. 
Fixed deposit account in Malaysia after MM2H visa approved to open accounts. 
Health Report - Malaysia by doctors - private / government hospitals approvals & Second Home program must be purchased after the approval of the Malaysian medical insurance. 
Term deposits - 1 year after home allowed, offset in Malaysia housing loans, children's education and health care.

After the withdrawal of time deposits, time deposits remaining in the second home must be maintained at the bank during the plan period. Second Home program as well quit all deposits refunded within 1 week.

MM2H program applicants who purchase more than one million Malaysian ringgit worth of the house and have full pay,without opening RM RM 150,000 or 300,000 of deposits, only to open a RM 100,000 (50 years old) or RM 150,000 (50years) of deposits, to obtain a second home program identity. 
No need to apply for a second home plan or plans approved after buying a second home in Malaysia house. 
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